What lead to the conceptualization of the brand?

What lead to the conceptualization of the brand?

The industry of fashion is boundless. It has continually developed and expanded providing different and diverse ways of self-expression. It however, has lesser avenues for conservative women to portray their personality and identity.

Backed by a strong desire to express, we embarked on a journey of self-introspection with like-minded individuals.

It was through a tedious process of trial and error that we managed to conceptualize a brand that can represent modern conservative Muslim women.

In the course of development, we carefully nurtured a unique trait that evolved into our brand identity. We stand for fashion, modesty, equality and self-expression.

We underwent a series of brain storming sessions and transformed our ideals and aspirations into a tangible reality.

Finally, our unceasing effort to continuously push and challenge the borders of fashion and modesty bore us a brand.

We call it, Baju.

Baju is a term that loosely means “enclosed clothes”. It is a common term used in Malaysia, Indonesia and in the southern parts of the Philippines. The term perfectly represents our cultural identity.

After settling on the name, we took careful consideration of what to offer, a representation of our sincerity towards our patrons.

Be Empowered. Be Confident.